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Celebrating Twenty Years, the LA Art Show Attracts Hollywood Elite!

bG Gallery will be participating in the LA Art Show for the third year. Located at Bergamot Station, the Santa Monica gallery has come to this year’s LA Art Show armed with the work of an eclectic group of talented artists. “The gallery focuses on artists that bridge traditionally contentious ideologies, particularly cross pollination between so called ‘high’ and ‘low’ art,” explained gallery director Om Bleicher. “For the show, I wanted artworks that would immediately grab attention from one direction or other and hook people in to learn more about these unique accomplished artists.” 

Longtime husband and wife team Bob and Marjorie Moskowitz will be debuting some first-time collaborations this year. “Bob is an accomplished figurative painter and Marjorie is an accomplished landscape painter, but their work comes together in a perfect balance of figure and ground that is a style all to its own,” marveled the gallerist.


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